A life organizational planner with vital documents for living, and also in the event of a death.
Could you or your loved one locate what they need to manage your affairs?

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“Live Every day to the fullest, make the most of each hour, each day, each stage of your life” Karen Lea Cline- Mrs. Illinois America 1998

“If I Croak® …   The Things you should Know” Is a life organizational planner with vital documents for living, to plan, organize, and maintain important information for running a home, facing an illness, or in the event of facing death. The carefully designed binder is for recording and storing valuable information while living, as well as pursuing personal wishes at the end of life. By having all your important documents gathered, organized, and protected, you and your family will be able to navigate through a difficult time, which is essential to everyone while living

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If I Croak

`` ...cute name for a serious subject! “If” almost sounds like it’s optional.`` Sarah Arnold Skoda - Comment on Facebook After watching video about If I Croak®

``This is the only Life Organizational Planner anyone needs! Oddly enough, I always believed I WAS organized; however, no one else would have been able to easily find crucial documents necessary to run this household. Everything was locked up in a file downstairs in labeled folders that only I would understand, along with a jumble of many less important papers. I have recently purchased a second Planner to give as a gift to a close relative so that she will also be familiar with this system. A win-win for both of us!`` Sue Power - Comment on Facebook about If I Croak®

My short story, Karen Lea Cline.


Have you ever thought about what happens if you or your loved one passes? Do you have the information you might need? This Life Planner is everything you need in one place to store important information while living, for example, insurance, car title, bank information, living will, passport and final will. How do you want the property in your home to be distributed. So much more, explaining your wishes in the event of death. Who would you contact first and all the important information in one safe place.

I was definitely, in need of this because, in 1997, I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer and then breast cancer. I would joke and tell my husband Chris “If I Croak®” I would like this and name what I want. It includes information for running our house, which he did not have at his fingertips. He finally got tired of hearing this and joked, or I thought it was, joking, then he said, I should write it down. That is what I did. I started to write things down and why “If I Croak®, the things you should know, “ was designed.

The Life Planner is so easy, everything is outlined in a protective binder making it easy to stay organized while living. If you cannot place papers right away into the binder, they can be added or placed inside at a later time. It provides you or your loved ones a way to have all the important information for living, in preparation in the event of death. It truly is an easy access for my family. They know exactly how to use the life planner and where to keep it. It has been a great tool for us while living, updating changes for our home and insurance and all the important information.

It helps us to stay organized while living, but more important in the event of a death.

Would your family and friends be able to locate what they needed to manage your affairs?