karen-lea-clineKAREN LEA CLINE Mrs. Illinois/America 1998

Karen is a graduate of the medical field of nursing. Her background includes experience in emergency room care, geriatric care, intensive care, and eventually working with physicians of facial plastic surgery, reconstruction and dermatologists. A transition to the profession of modeling changed things as she was encouraged to enter a Chicago pageant. She is firm believer in competition and a great appreciation for the growth that occurs as a result of this unique experience.

The areas of work for more than 18 years include working with professional makeup artists, photographers, modeling in print advertising, fashion shows, movies and commercials. This experience led her to her own skin care and makeup line.

As an owner of Lea Image Studio, a retail service business featuring, “Everything to do with Image!,” Lea Skin Care and Cosmetics and Lea Modeling and Talent Consultants. Her love for photography, black and white and color, with all the image enhancements is a reflection of this art. Her business motto is, “There is something special about you and it has everything to do with looking and feeling beautiful.”

She is married to Chris Cline and is the mother of three children, stepmother of two and a proud grandmother. She was a finalist at the nationally televised Mrs. America Pageant and is the Mrs. Illinois/America 1998. As a title holder she has had several pageant judging and speaking opportunities. They include Y-me for Breast Cancer Awareness, Rett Syndrome, Muscular Dystrophy, and Christian youth groups. Her diagnosis of a chronic and very confusing disease, called Sarcoidosis, has led her to encourage doctors and others through the difficult health process.

A survivor of Breast Cancer, with surgical intervention of Double Mastectomy, Thyroid Cancer with progressive treatments, she has overcome these challenges with a grounded, positive, faith and direction. A philosophy and thought process which lead her to say and believe, “One thing at a time One day at a time.”

The unique design and production of the retail product Life Organizational Planner If I Croak® the things you should know, became important, while living to the fullest, but to have the wishes for our loved ones in the event of death.

Her most recent accomplishment is completing training as a Stephen Minister, caring, guiding and helping people at a difficult time in their lives. Her personal conviction is, live each day to the fullest, make the most of each moment, each hour, each day of your lives!

chris-clineCHRIS CLINE

Chris Cline has been involved in the printing industry for more than 40 years, owning and operating Cline Printing, Ltd., working with all facets of the business. He has gained experience working with the medical industry, real estate industry, marketing and media, corporations, as well as numerous small businesses throughout the Chicagoland area. Each project he receives is of equal importance. He has served as a consultant to several companies in the printing industry through seminars and training expositions.

The latest in computer equipment and graphic arts technology led him to implement Graphic Science Corporation. The use of state-of-the-art computer-to-plate technology, utilizing computers to output higher quality in producing the final outcome for the consumer. The motto Cline Printing, Ltd. has put to use is “Where craftsmanship and technology meet.” Chris has a unique attribute for people evaluation, which has enabled him to offer insight to those he associates with in his business.

Chris is married to Karen Lea Cline, Mrs. Illinois/America 1998. Together they have attended many pageants and appearances through their businesses.

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“What if |…?”

“What if you what?”

“Do you mean ‘What if you croak?”’

It is a lighthearted, tender way of acknowledging fears. It felt good to laugh, in spite of the seriousness of the thought of passing on.

If I Croak® … The Things You Should Know is the product of a very personal and real journey. A common reality of the old saying, “The only two things that are 100% guaranteed are death and taxes.

Our mission statement for “If I Croak®…” is to provide an organizational handbook with everything needed to plan, organize, and maintain important information for running a home, facing an illness, or in the event of facing death. Most importantly used in the living process. Each section is carefully thought out to provide an easy and concise plan, for recording and storing valuable information while living, as well as pursuing personal wishes at the end of life.

More importantly, could your family member or friend locate what they need to manage your affairs… Especially if you were not able to help them. By having all your important documents gathered, organized, and protected, you and your family will be able to navigate through a difficult time.

It is my wish to have an easy and concise way of living life to the best, not only at the difficult times, but to make everyday life applications to their personal residence and life wishes. I sincerely hope you find this process rewarding and concise with the tools you will need to complete your wishes.


Karen Lea Cline

If I Croak® and the Frog Insignia is a registered trademark and patent pending