Expectations of Loved Ones!

The Expectations from Loved Ones! –in the event of death.


This can be overwhelming! Siblings of an adult mom or dad have very different approaches to death of their family member. All bring a different set of concerns about the illness or passing of their loved one. Questions of the health concerns of their loved one are paramount, if they were very sick and hospitalized. Will they or could they possess this same health issue? Much of this medical info could be kept safe in the if-i-croak®, the things you should know Life Organizational Planner. Then here are all the questions of who is left with what special item that is being passed on through the loved ones wishes. That material item that means so much can cause division and angst among family members. With our “Life Organizational Planner, if-i-croak®, the things you should know,” all this can be detailed and outlined. What items should be given to whom and even why this seems to be important. The main reason this outline for the loved one is important is to simplify the steps and keep all the important papers and information at your fingertips.   That antique piece of furniture that mom wanted her daughter to have and in the event of death, has a special place for her to outline in our if-i-croak®, Life Planner. That special piece of jewelry that Dad wanted his son or grandson to have in the event of his passing away could become a fight of want, amongst family. Without this in writing and outlined even a vehicle, that a grand child may have worked on with grandpa becomes a piece of property for siblings and family members could bring about hostility. The responsibility for the executer of a will is responsible to carry out the wishes of your loved one. Ultimately, this is our immediate responsibility to begin by keeping all the important papers and desires of the loved one in one safe place. The Life Organizational Planner, does just that. It even has a place for passwords, extra keys and photos to be saved. The easiest way to provide your family this information and provide contacts of friends and family could be stored in the Planner. The importance of the Planner is to simplify the process at such a difficult time of losing a loved one to death. Our hope is that everyone has this to stay organized while living but also in the event of death. Death is a part of life and this will really simplify the process. Leaving behind no question of the desires of your loved ones.