Radio!Are you ready for this special event? Talk about if-i-croak®

I have been interviewed for radio advertising for our If-I-Croak®, The Things You Should Know, Life Organizational Planner. The interviewer from 97.1 and affiliates with 600 stations throughout the United States asked me some serious and fun questions.

Is it important to contact the people the deceased person knows? If-I-Croak® Planner has a place for this information, and yes usually people they are close to would be reached by cell phone or a close family member would handle this step although since most people are not writing things down anymore in an address book this book of information would contain your wishes. This person would of course be someone the deceased person trusts and could carry out your contact wishes.

The interviewer asked, what the comments have been to our product I explained, the name makes some people laugh and the frog insignia is a way to keep things light and that was my idea to get families and my spouse to talk about our wishes “while living” so that they understand loved ones wishes while living. I explained how that 2/3 of the If-I-Croak® Planner is for recording information for repairs in home, insurance, passports and information for living. It keeps all your important documents, for easy access.

We talked about how our If-I-Croak® Planner that is so simple to use with compartments for valuable information. He did ask if they were other products similar. I explained that what makes ours stand out is that it is simple to use. It even has a place for special memory photos for program of service at later time of for passing on to loved ones. The If-I-Croak® Life Organizational Planner. even has a place for extra keys for home or apartment living.

We talked about how over 55% do not have a plan or a Will, a very important step.
It even has a place for banking information and passwords. When a one loved one knows where this is in your home all your information is protected.
The If-I-Croak® Life Organizational Planner, does fit in a safe or private place in your home, making it easy to update for preparation in the event of death but providing the loved ones wishes, for at home care also. As a nurse I experienced so many people so unprepared. This process is never easy in the event of death but at least with If-I-Croak® Planner all of these steps are ready and organized for easy access.

We talked about how he never saw anything like our Planner and thought it really was a new and unique product. That the frog also makes it a fun approach. Our video on our website includes the frog, a very light-hearted approach but necessary. My hope for everyone is to be prepared while living. This was a great opportunity.

“Live every day to the fullest make the most of each hour each day each stage of your life.” Karen Lea Cline